Test_tube_favors Good morning!!

Aren’t these cute?  When I saw them at the store I picked them up, put them back, picked them up again and continued to struggle….. I’m so glad I made the decision to buy them.   

I used the Batty for you stamp set with Green Galore, a color I haven’t used in forever….it matches the green nerds perfectly, doesn’t it?  I used Pumpkin Pie with Chocolate Chip for the Reese’s Pieces (had a hard time not eating some of those).

Advance notice……..I only have 20 of the test tubes left and they’ll be included in my Halloween Treats Class.  If you’re on my email mailing list, you’ll get the opportunity to register for the Class or Kit first, my newsletter will go out tonight (on schedule).  The first 22 people get one of the test tubes….when I’m out I’ll replace it with something that is just as cute….I just need to figure it out :))) 

Have a great day….see ya tomorrow 🙂

Update:  I found the Plastic test tubes at Michaels.  I bought all three packs that our local store had….I wish I could have gotten more!!!  Not sure where else to find them….if anybody knows I’d love to know as well.  But, not the glass test tubes…they are too fragile to have around children.  If you find them, would you please send me an email and let me check it out and then I’ll post the link for everyone.  Thanks!!

p.s. they are in the Martha Stewart line…maybe you can find them on her website? (just thought of that).