I can’t believe it’s Wednesday and I’ve not posted here on my blog since last Friday!! 

Here’s my story  ….

Chase & Jessica are getting married on September 14th.

Yep, this year… and we’re just 12 weeks away … holy smokes I’m freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A wedding means …

  • Get everything planned for wedding!
  • I must lose more weight!
  • Get house in order (clean and organized again).
  • Plants flowers and keep them alive until at least October 🙂
  • Remove old shrubs & get our landscaping in order.
  • 5,000 other things (they come to me in the strangest moments).

This week I hired the caterer, decided on china for the dinner, called hotels to block rooms for guest, finished planting all my flowers …. I know I’m a little late!  And just today we got all three of our 17 year old toilets replaced in our house… LOL 

I’m not complaining for a single second!!    I just want you all to know I’m not going anywhere.  I’m just putting my son’s wedding before everything.  I feel terrible that I’m not stamping and sharing but I’d feel more terrible if I was too busy to help with their wedding!!!  

Next on my agenda is …we are looking at table decorations …. this one has me the most excited!!

Here’s a little picture collage of the two of them over the past 7 years (they’ve been dating since March 2011).

July is going to be super wonky!!  We have our family vacation and the Stampin’ Up! Alaska cruise.  So, long story short … I will not be sharing a lot of projects in July. But, I will be checking email every day and that’s easy since I can check it from my phone.

I hope you will continue to stop by and check out my site and I promise I will try go get a few projects planned for every week. Until further notice we will not have Chic n Scratch Live events on Fridays. I mentioned last week that I would try to change the day of the week but I looked at the other days and between family vacation and the Stampin’ Up! cruise I just can’t do it until August. If I can throw in a few random ones I will.  

Now I have a couple business things to discuss with you …. 

July Promotions

We’re having two promotions starting in July and I’ll be posting all the details on the 1st.  Don’t forget to stop by to check them out!  That is one thing I can post on my blog because it doesn’t require me to be in my office. 

Bella’s Bundle  – Animal Outing

Yes, I’m still doing this … just later than expected.  I am packing all the supplies to film all the videos while I’m on vacation. 

Calendar File

If you purchased the 2019 Calendar File and had trouble downloading it please email me and I’ll forward it to you.  I was having some work done on the back end of my website and I apologize for the confusion!!!!

Little Elephant Box

I usually re film the projects I demonstrate on Facebook … but this week I’ve not had time.  You can see the long drawn out version on my blog.   Click here to check it out.

Thank you in advance for your patience this summer and if you need anything you can email me by clicking here.  

Thanks & have a great day!

p.s. I’m trying to film a video for tomorrow… wish me luck!!!  


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