Today is going to be what I call an office day…..unfortunately that means no stamping.

Here’s just a few of the items on my To Do List:

  • Finalize the details for our first Team gathering on UStream (for tonight).
  • Catch up on emails (in box has 831 emails).
  • Finish details for 12 weeks of Christmas campaign (if you’re already on my mailing list….no need to rejoin).
  • Work on Week 8 of my 12 weeks of Halloween (I should have done these in advance…but you know there’s never enough time).
  • Finish cutting for Free Kit offered while I was at Founders Circle.
  • Addressing evelopes for my Free card of the month.

A few of you have ask…..would I stream live one day so that you can see what a day in my life is like…..and the answer is YES!  But …not until I’m complete with organizing my room and I lose at least 20 more pounds 🙂  My goal for my room is Dec. 30th and I think I may finish early. One side of my room is done and I’m thrilled….the other side looks like a tornado went through it.

The reason I’m posting all this instead of a stamped project is we all need help in different areas. I told someone at Founders that I liked getting comments on my blog that it was one of the hightlights of my day…but I realized later….it’s not about the comments so much has just knowing that I helped somone.  (I hope I worded that right).

I’ll see you tomorrow….have a great day!!




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