Harry_potter_002 Look what we just got……the New Harry Potter book!! Brook & I left our house at 11:30pm, thinking that since we reserved our copy we would just walk into Borders and pick it up.  OH MY GOSH, the whole parking lot and all the ones near it was packed.  We got to the check in stand and got our wrist ban and the lady said we might get our book by 2 or 3am.  So, we waited 20 minutes, looked at list of bans again, making sure they we really did have the last ban available and decided to leave.  But, see, my brain is always thinking.  I said to Brook "hey, Walmart is open all night, maybe they’ll have it"  So, as we drove into the parking lot I knew they were going to have it, we walked in fast, got in line and we were walking out at 12:15….Yippie!!!!  We’re so happy, now we just gotta pray no one spills the beans and tells us the ending. 

Harry_potter_001 Have a great Saturday!!