Love Cats Card Club Info Page

Thank you so much for joining Card Club!!

Here’s more info for you.
  • On Thursday, January 5th you will be charged for the Love Cats Card Club.
  • On that same day we will order the product from Stampin’ Up!  and as soon as it arrives we’ll get everything cut and packaged and shipped to you.  
  • As soon as we ship the class packets, you’ll have access to the videos and pdf. We will grant you access to the Card Club content (pdf and videos) on my website.  

** This is a very important step.**  If you’ve participated in Bingo you are familiar with the process.  

  1. You’ll receive a notice that you have access to the Card Club PDF and please notice that the charge will say “zero” on the invoice (for the club content that is the videos and pdf).  You are not being charged again. The invoice will say zero charge.
  2. Login to your account on my blog and you’ll see you have access to the videos and pdf. 

Typically the club packets will ship around the 25th of the month but this month they’ll ship a little early because we’ll be out of town the week of the 25th. 

If you have any trouble please contact me at 
Stampin’ Up! Products