Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the minimum sales requirements?

A: You only have to submit $300 in sales per quarter (not monthly) to remain active! You can submit your sales in any increment you wish (it does NOT have to be all at once) & you still get your discount and commission.

Q: What if I only want to do this as a hobby. Do I still have to have workshops?

A: Absolutely not!! Stampin’ Up! supports the hobby demonstrator just as well as the career demonstrator. You can put in your own orders or collect orders from family & friends to equal the $300 a quarter minimum, and you will remain active and receive all the resources!

Q: Can I be my own Hostess?

A: Yes, you can be your own Hostess anytime you want. You can invite your family & friends into your own home and have a workshop…or simply collect orders!! You would be the Hostess, receiving the Hostess benefits, & you would also be the demonstrator receiving your instant income & commission!!

Q: How much does it cost to get started as a Demonstrator?

A: The Starter Kit is only $99.00 plus tax (shipping is free!). You actually choose $125.00 worth of product and it is discounted to the $99.00! It is 100% customizable! You COMPLETELY choose what comes in YOUR kit! If you want the Big Shot and some accessories for it OR if you want $125.00 worth of Brads & Buttons…it is COMPLETELY your CHOICE!  

Q: What if I decide that I don’t like it once I’ve started. Will I be penalized if I quit or is there a certain time frame I have to be a demonstrator.

A: You can stop anytime you choose. You simply just stop putting in your minimum sales. You do not owe the company any money or merchandise! You simply become a customer again…and are welcome to rejoin anytime, should you choose to!

Q: Do people really make money at this?

A: YES!! There are many demonstrators who make $5,000, $10,000 or even $15,000+ per month!! There are also performance bonuses (in addition to our regular commission) given for group and individual accomplishments.  

Q: Do I have to recruit other demonstrators?

A: This is also a choice, not a requirement! This is a multilevel marketing company and we have the opportunity to build a group and a retirement…but this is not a requirement.

Q: How much support can I expect from my upline?

A: You can expect to receive full support from me. Including business tips, blog training, blog set up, ideas, stamping techniques, and ongoing support through our group website, emails and our Chics Paper Ink Facebook Group. I will be your biggest cheerleader for whatever goals you want to achieve with Stampin’ Up! business.  Nothing is required, and you choose your involvement…but the more you jump in, the more you will gain!

Q: Where will I get my ideas for my workshops?

A: Stampin’ Up!, the internet & our Chics Paper Ink team are just a few of our many resources! The annual Stampin’ Up! Catalog, the SU! website, the demonstrator Stampin’ Success magazine, training videos & Stampin’ Connection to name a few! It is OKAY to copy your projects from these sources and use them at your workshops. You do not have to think of everything by yourself.

I would love to share this Hobby OR Business Opportunity with you! Please feel free to contact me!

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