Q. What camera do you use to take pictures?

A. Nikon D90

Q. What video camera do you use?

A. Sony Cybershot – 2006- 2009, Canon Vixia since 2010 

Q. What photo editing software do you use?

A. iMovie on a mac –  Switched to Final Cut Pro in 2012 

Q.  Where is your camera placed when filming?

A.  It’s over my head …. sometimes I have to edit out my hair 🙂

Q.  How many stamp sets do you own?

A.  Haven’t counted….but I’ve been a demonstrator for 15 years.

Q.  What’s the tool you use to assemble your punch art animals

A.  It’s a Quickstik and you can find it online at www.quickutz.com.

Q.  Where do you live?  (or where is your accent from?)

A.  I live in Overland Park, Kansas but I’m from Tennessee.

Q.  How long have you been blogging?

A.  I started my Chic n Scratch blog in August 2006.

Q.  How long have you been filming videos on You Tube?

A.  My first video was on December 9th, 2007, an Altered Clipboard.  It’s painful to watch … but you gotta start somewhere.

Q.  How many videos do you have on You Tube?

A.  A Little over 1,000.

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