Face Mask Request

If you would like a handmade Face Mask please complete the form below to request one.   

IMPORTANT MESSAGE –   WE’VE RUN OUT OF SUPPLIES.  AND, REMOVED THE REQUEST FORM.  I have ordered more fabric and elastic but there’s no date on when it arrive and it could be late May or early June… we just don’t know because tracking is not available. 

Please be reasonable when requesting masks, our supplies are limited, vendors have raised their prices on elastic and the cost of shipping adds up.  But with all that being said we will do the best we can to fill the requests as they come in.  

Disclaimer:  These handmade reversible face mask are not meant to replace the surgical face mask or the N95.  It is a contingency plan for those who have don’t have access to a N95 mask.  Proper use of a surgical mask is still the best way to prevent the virus.  Very Important   Please WASH the mask before wearing it. You may see it shrink slightly, if washed in hot water.   Please remember that the virus is killed by SOAP.  I pray the mask provides you hope during this pandemic.

Stay safe and stay well!!




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