Stampin’ Up! offers many benefits and incentives to demonstrators … here’s a few:

  • 2 Months free Demonstrator Business Website when you sign up within 21 days of joining!
  • Pre-order opportunities for all seasonal catalogs, and some catalog and hostess sets!
  • Opportunity to earn Annual Incentive Trips! 
  • Annual Awards
  • Opportunity to attend our Stampin’ Up! Events!

Various Income Opportunities:

  • Automatic 20% from EVERY sale you turn in (yours or others)
  • Opportunity to earn more on sales
  • Override Commission on your Team Sales

Benefits about the $300 quarterly quota to stay active:

  • You automatically keep 20% of all sales upfront
  • If you are placing the order for yourself, you keep an automatic 20% discount.
  • If you are placing the order for friends, family or other customers, you keep an automatic 20% commission.
  • All sales you turn in count towards your quota to stay active (whether they are for you or others).
  • The retail value of product counts towards your quota…even though you will be keeping 20% of it!!
  • You can place the $300 all at once…or a little bit at a time throughout the quarter. As long as it adds up to $300 by the end of the quarter, you are good to go.
  • The quarters are “calendar quarters”, not “rolling quarters”…in other words, your 3 months does NOT start over the second you meet the quota. If you know you will have a busy Spring…you could place your $300 for the Jan – Mar quarter in the beginning January, and have all the way until the end of June to place your order for Mar – Jun.

As a demonstrator, you can ALSO receive Stampin Rewards! Anytime you turn in a minimum $150 order (whether it is just for you, just for others, or both)…you qualify for the FREE Stampin Rewards (which the company pays for, NOT us)!

For Example…if you placed the $300 quota all at once, you would receive:

  • $60 Instant Income (this is your discount/commission OFF of the $300 dollars that you KEEP as the demonstrator)!
  • $50 in FREE Shopping $$ (as the hostess)

Please let me know if you have any questions…CLICK HERE if you are ready to join my team!