Catalog Request

Did you receive the Occasions Catalog and Sale a Bration Catalog?

The purpose of my blog post is because I want to apologize to those that did not receive your Occasions and Sale a Bration catalogs!   Going forward I want to assure each of you that I’ll do my best to make sure this doesn’t happen again (I’m still not sure how so many catalogs were lost in the mail!!).  And for the Catalogs that did not have my email or website address, Stampin’ Up! has apologized for that mix up.      

In 2018 I will be mailing all future catalogs from my house and this will allow me to provide better customer service.  Customer Service has always and will continue to be number one!!  My criteria (or rule) is anyone that places a minimum of $50 or more with me in the last six months (before the catalogs ship) will automatically receive the catalogs.

I have two questions for you today and I would love feedback from you. You are welcome to leave a comment here on this blog post or click here to email me.

  1. Would you rather I offer them by request or do you want me to continue to run a sales report and send them automatically? 
  2. My main question is … Did you receive your copy of the catalogs?  If not, click here to fill out the Catalog Request Form and I will mail them asap.

I’m excited to share the New annual Stampin’ Up! Catalog will launch on June 1st and I look forward to your feedback.

Thank you so very much and have a great day!!

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