I don’t usually post on the weekends ….but, I promised my hubby that if he got me a new vehicle I would clean out of my office and the storage area.  It’s been over a month and I’ve not held up my end of the bargain.  

 I ran into lots of obstacles in trying to figure out the best way to get rid of a lot of stuff … over the next six months (it was generous he gave me six months!!).

At first I considered selling the retired product  … but that would require pricing and a whole slew of other problems.  So,  when I woke up this morning I decided that it would be best to just GIVE it away.  I’ve already paid for it and I need to get it out of my house and I simply can not throw anything away!! 

I’m going to attempt to post Chic Candy – Stamps every single day … but I may miss a few here and there. Once I’ve given away all the stamp sets … I’ll start on other product.  We’re starting with stamp sets that are “new”  and then we’ll work our way to the used stamp sets. 

The stamp sets you see in the first picture is the first 40 stamp sets I’m giving away.

How To Enter to Win – 

  • We’re using Rafflecopter and all you have to do is leave your name and email.   This system draws the winner for us. 
  • Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like … all you have to do is click on “Use Your Email”. (The image below is just an example … the real button to click on it further down in this blog post.)
Use Your Email

More Details:

  • I will not post winners every day …. but I’ll try to do it often!  Rafflecopter will list the winners name in the same place you entered to win (once we login and tell it to).
  • Chic Candy – is a giveaway on my blog that will vary!  We currently have one taking place, click here to check it out our Fruit Basket Bundle Giveaway.
  • Chic Candy – Stamps is a stamp set giveaway
  • Chic Candy – Ribbon will be a ribbon giveaway (I have very little of the ribbon because I already donated it).
  • Chic Candy – Framelits will be a Framelit giveaway.  And the list goes on and on. 
  • You will see duplicates … for example I think I have four Elementary Elegance stamp sets 🙂

We’re starting today with Chic Candy – Stamps #1

Pretty Thankful Photopolymer Stamp Set.

Chic Candy - Stamp Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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