Stampin’ Up! Annual Awards Thank You  


I’m going to start this blog post with a huge THANK YOU!  

Thank you to God, my family, my amazing customers and my wonderful downline members (Chics Paper Ink)!

This past weekend was our annual Stampin’ Up! awards and I did really well.  Thank you again!!!

Before I tell you where I placed I want to explain a few things.  The career plan changed last year. The structure of it changed and the company (Stampin’ Up!) expanded our recognition Globally. 

With that change, I decided to focus a bit more on my downline (Chics Paper Ink).  I LOVE selling Stamps, Ink and Paper because I love the product so much.  But,  the new career plan showed I needed more balance in my business.  Making that change has not been easy… but I was up for the challenge.  

Tuesdays are my Downline Days and I spend almost every working moment on them… from conference calls to setting up their blogs.  I’ve really enjoyed making the shift…  but I wasn’t sure if it was working. I discovered on Saturday it was!!  And yes, I’ve cried more times than I can count!  I truly did not think I would be in the top 10 … with Dave having Melanoma and having multiple surgeries… to my desire to complete a quilt for every family member in 2015/2016  (let’s just say I was checking something off my bucket list). Long story short I just wasn’t sure of my decision.   

Here it goes… I am…

  • #2 US
  • #2 Top 100 Global 
  • #3 Sales
  • #5 Recruiting
  • #5 Leadership 


Words can not express how honored I am –  thank you to everyone that helped me not only reach my goals but exceed them!  Especially my hubby for his patience, my sister Kim and even to my assistant Laura that is not only an assistant but also a friend.

Have a wonderful evening… stamping hugs to all of you!!

p.s. I’m not posting pictures of me … the lighting was horrible On Stage and by now you guys already know I hide from the camera (unless it’s Snap Chat and I can use a filter).




Paper Pumpkin