Bella and Friends Stamp Set 


I’d like to start out by saying THANK YOU to everyone that has contacted about the Bella & Friends Stamp Set!!!    I love it and I’m so happy that many of you do as well!!


I’ve had more than one person request the story behind the stamp set … so here it goes!

Miss Bella came to us in December 2011 as a 10 week old Cavachon puppy (Cavachon is half King Charles Cavalier and half Bichon Frise).  I ordered her online … and she flew from Tennessee to Kansas.  Brooke and I often talk about the night we drove to the airport to pick her up … it was such a special moment!!  

Here’s her baby picture  ….


I know buying a dog online sounds a little shocking but I figured my customers trust placing online orders with me  … then I should extend that same curtesy ….. I’m sure glad I did!  She has honestly been the best pet I’ve ever owned and since I grew up on a farm … I’ve had a lot of pets.

The story behind the stamp set …  When I reached a million dollars in sales with Stampin’ Up! I was given the option to have a party and all sorts of fabulous things …  I choose to meet with their illustrator and design the Bella & Friends Stamp Set (and it’s how Pretty Kitty came to life as well).  I can’t draw even a stick man so Kathy gets all the credit for the creation … but Miss Bella’s pictures .. and Skittles too  … was the inspiration for the stamp set.   

Miss Bella with her winter hair cut 🙂


Here’s a picture of Skittles …. 


Skittles is a Green Cheek Conure and she’s actually Chase’s bird (insert sad face when he moves out next month).  I guess we could call her my grandbird  LOL

The Bella & Friends Stamp Set (141870) is currently on backorder … but you can still order it and it should ship soon.

Thank you again for all your kind emails about the stamp set!

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More Personal stuff ….

I apologize that I’ve not worked this week!!!  I started having really bad pain in my right eye on Monday and today I went to the eye doctor for the 2nd time this week.   Turns out I have an internal stye and the doctor gave me some medicine.  I hope it starts working soon. I’m just glad it’s only a stye … I was seriously scared since the pain was getting worse (and it hurt to look at my computer screen)!! 

Thanks & have a wonderful day!!


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Thanks and have a great day! 

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