I’m happy to report that I’ve figured out how to stream live on You Tube.  

What an experience .. and I don’t mean a good one!  

I had two live events scheduled this week and both of them failed …. (insert sad face) 

I worked on the settings for over 15 hours and dealt with a poor internet signal for half of that time.   I did ask both of my children and they both referred me to another site that I also could not figure out.

If you tried to watch one of my live events …. I’m sorry it never worked and I appreciate your patience!! All of you were truly lovely and not a single bad word came my way … THANK YOU!

When I woke up this morning I almost said forget it …. I’ll figure it out another day …but then I remembered that I want to reach my One Million in sales by the end of the year.   I’m sharing this because I constantly tell anyone that will listen that goals keep me focused.  I truly believe that speaking about your goals and writing them down make them happen (I guess we’ll see about that in December).  I have a plan to involve all of you in reaching my one million by December  … and as soon as I can get my brain wrapped around the details I will share it.  I have some thoughts … but I need to decide which direction I want to go.  

Next week I’ll share all my Convention Swaps …. and I’m working on wrapping up those as soon as I’m done with this post.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!!

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