I’m sorry to say my live stream on UStream was canceled tonight.  I will reschedule it for some time next week.

So, here’s the whole story … I was on the other side of my office assembling the brand new hamburger box (attempting to assemble it) and all of  a sudden I hear the mirror above my desk fall … then in slow motion I watched it land on my big mac (27″ iMac) and push it off my desk.  By the time I reached it …it was crushed and glass was everywhere.  Can you believe the  mirror survived without a scratch?

Yes, I cried …and then cried some more!

The computer was on … so I tried to lift the mirror and the computer at the same time … but I only had two hands and both pieces were very heavy.  I proceeded to scream and yell for help … finally decided to voice dial Brooke and hope she was in the house somewhere.  She came to my rescue, helped me pick up glass and then off to the Apple Store we went.

When we walked into the Apple store … everyone was staring … they just couldn’t help themselves. It looked like someone had taken a sledge hammer to my screen.   I never took my sunglasses off the entire time we were there.  I was sad and embarrassed!

The good news is it can be fixed …the bad news is ….. it ain’t cheap and it won’t be ready until Sunday.  

I have other macs in the house …so I’ll be still be able to work … but mentally I’m damaged … you know what I mean?

Again I’m sorry I had to cancel my live stream … hopefully I can make it up to you next week.

Have a good night!!

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