If you are a preferred customer of mine you are eligible for a FREE Stampin’ Up! Catalog.

Please use the box below to request your FREE 2014 2015 Stampin’ Up! Catalog and make sure you provide all the information requested.  Once your preferred customer status has been confirmed we’ll ship your catalog when it becomes available.

Special Note:  We can not sell the 2014 2015 Catalog until the last week of April 2014. This rule is enforced by Stampin’ Up! 

Please note:  You are a preferred customer of mine …. when you’ve ordered a minimum of $50 in Stampin’ Up! product within the last 12 months. 

If you are not a preferred customer and would like a FREE catalog .. all that I ask is that you pay the Priority Mail Shipping Fee.   This option will be available as soon as we are allowed.

If you already have a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator please order your catalog from them. I’m posting this on my site a little early because the next month is going to be crazy busy and I want to have everything prepared before I leave for the Stampin’ Up! cruise.

US orders only!!

Email me if you have any questions. 

p.s.  A few of you have ask “if you’re already a customer why am I having you fill out your information”? The reason is over the past several years there have been A LOT of catalogs sent to addresses that were old.  This resulted in me having to buy more catalogs and pay for shipping again, unfortunately those lost catalogs never found their way back to me (not even one).  I simply can’t afford for that to happen again.  Filling out your address and email should take less than five minutes and totally worth it to receive a Free Catalog and Wish List.   I really appreciate your understanding!