Before I announce the winners for the Soda Pop Top Necklace I want to remind you that you only have a few hours left for …..

FREE  shipping

Personally I stocked up on Envelopes, Rhinestones & Soda Pop Tops (more than that .. but those were the main items).

The picture above is three of the necklaces I made this weekend …..and I’m giving away all three.

Listed below are the names of the ladies that won … two of them were drawn by random (using random generator) and the final one I’m sending to Lois.  (She sent me several goodie packages back when I didn’t feel very well and this is just a very small token of my appreciation.)

  1. Jeanne Spaulding
  2. TheKatyQ (you tube screen name)
  3. Lois Billadeau

Thanks for all the kind words regarding my recap video .. I’m with you .. I liked it!  So, I’ll try to do more (notice how I said try?   my house is not very quiet on Fridays so we’ll see).

A HUGE Thank you goes out to our Virtual Birthday Bash participants!!!  What a great group of ladies!!   We had an idea and we thought it would work …and it did!   And …… as requested we will be having another.  As soon as we get the dates we’ll announce it.

As for my printer situation … After years and years of just buying a laser jet .. I broke down and bought a Brother Laser printer (it was on sale) and I pray it lasts me longer than a year.  I did buy the extended warranty this time!!

There have been some questions regarding the Ball Chains and the Melting Pot.  You can find the chains on Etsy (I bought them in bulk) and the Melting Pot on Amazon …. you can melt soaps and all sorts of things.

Thanks & see ya tomorrow!

p.s. One final time .. don’t forget about the FREE shipping .. and all the colors that are retiring.