I’m sharing four personal pictures with you today … 

The first one is of Miss Bella after her last grooming.  I LOVE this picture and I took it using Instagram.  (You take a picture and it applies filters to make them look awesome.)

The next picture is of my husband Dave …. with a crappie he caught at Kentucky Lake.  His most favorite thing in the world … is Fishing!  He usually fishes for BASS ….. but he enjoys all fishing.

Next ….is the picture of Chase … we were having great weather this week and I just happened to say ….hey let me take your picture…..and he agreed.  I’m so happy he is past the running when I pull out a camera (since middle school he has made faces or hid his face).

Last but not least is Brooke & Bella … can you tell she’s still in the phase of hiding or running from the camera.  I’m just happy to know it will end (hopefully sooner rather than later).  When she comes home from college .. she gives Miss Bella the best hugs!  And Miss Bella is really confused by Brooke leaving for a week or more …then reappearing.  I told Brooke last night … it may take her six months … and by then she’ll be home for summer break.

Now for some chit chat …. 

Dave ask me a few weeks ago … am I on your blog?  He is … but posts about my family have been few and far between.  Back when I first started blogging I shared a little more about them.  (email me if you want a link to my personal blog where I share a little more.)

So that got me to thinking …why did I stop?

  Three reasons:

  • The internet is awesome …. but it can also be cruel ….and by being a little distant .. I have less risk of getting hurt.
  • This blog is my business … and if I post personal … I risk losing you if you’re not interested. (Some will admit ..they read nothing …. they’re only here for the pictures and videos and I respect their honesty and I totally understand.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my family pictures!

Have a wonderful day!