Just a quick note this morning … to say thank you for all the wonderful emails and comments!  I’m glad that you understood what I was saying.  

I already feel better today!  (For two reasons …. I went shopping and  .. I bought some books on PreDiabetes).

Now to the heart of my post .. several ladies ask if I would share my food program and my exercise routine.

 I’m thinking …that’s a good idea …but I’m not sure.  I’ll continue to think about it and once I start my classes I’ll decide… I’m not totally sure I can help you … especially if I cheat and I’d hate to send you in the wrong direction.

Maybe this is a good subject to share on Saturday since I don’t usually post on weekends.

Here’s a picture of my food journal from yesterday … as you can see …it’s the cream and sugar with my coffee that does me in ….. every time.  I know I should quit again ..but there are some things in life you really enjoy and coffee is it for me!!  Or I could say it’s the last remaining thing .. I gave up smoking years ago, I gave up dark soda …then I gave up all soda and chocolate.  Sounds depressing doesn’t it? I told my sister I guess I might as well just stop eating and drinking .. (that was one of my pity party moments).

I ended the day pretty good .. I think .. I’m looking forward to starting the classes and learning the do’s and don’ts.   (I’m pretty sure that buttered popcorn at the movie is a don’t ..but I sure want some!!)

Here’s a picture of one of the books I purchased ….

And here’s a picture of my new shoes .. I love shoe shopping (but not clothes) and I ended up with two pair of Danskos yesterday.  My husband thinks they’re ugly .. I LOVE them ..they make me happy .. we could say I have happy feet today!!!

They look better on my feet !!  (Just looking at the picture kinda confirms my husband could be right .. but seriously I LOVE them!)

Last subject of the day ..    The Photo Carousel on my blog features Stampin Up projects or organization .. but when I post personal stuff .. I will typically not add it to the photo carousel.  But they will show up in my Photo Gallery once it’s complete (their working on it … six + years of blogging …. there’s a lot of pictures).

 What’s a photo carousel?  It’s the three pictures on the home page of My Chic n Scratch website that scrolls through three pictures (all of which you can click on to see and read more).

Thanks again and have a great day!!

Update 10 minutes after I posted…..

I found these wonderful cookies yesterday they are Dairy free, gluten free, egg free and nut free … and they taste amazing!!  Check out Lucy’s cookies, click here to visit the website.