I’d like to start out by saying “Thank YOU”  .. Everyone that posted a comment or emailed me was very positive and I really appreciate that!!

This is how my Stampin Up desk looks right now … and it’s been four days ….. so far so good.  Once I have a system in place I usually keep it …… as long as it’s working.

I’d like to clarify one thing …my stamping space is pretty organized.  But my main desk where I check email, post on my blog, edit videos … that’s where I lost control.

I have three videos on my office .. but I’ve changed a few things so I’ll do an update soon. 

Click here to watch my Chic n Scratch Stamp Room Tour … (three videos).

Here’s a video for you …don’t laugh .. I actually filmed myself removing all the clutter from my desk.

More pictures …

I’ve decided to start a “Get Organized with Chic n Scratch” Facebook Group.  With a group everyone can share their ideas.  BUT .. this is important … there are rules you must follow.  

You may not advertise or promote your business on this group.  It’s strictly for organizing.  If you do not comply you will be removed immediately.  I know saying that some will still try … so I’ll have a few admins to help me.

Click here if you’d like to join the Get Organized with Chic n Scratch Facebook Group.  Or you can email me your facebook name and I’ll send you an invite …please use mychicnscratch@me.com.

If you don’t do Facebook (many have said) .. not to worry … you won’t be missing anything that I’m sharing.  I will continue to post everything on My Chic n Scratch blog.  This group is for other ladies to share their organization tips. (Several ladies emailed me pictures of their rooms yesterday…thank you for sharing!)

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

October 4th update … Several ladies have ask where I purchased some items so here we go:

  • Organizers on top of desk came from Marshalls (that store has been one of my favorites for over twenty years).
  • Desk came from Pottery Barn …as well as the chair. (I cashed out of the Alaska trip due to person reasons and used that bonus to buy the desk I’ve always wanted.)
  • Keyboard stand also came from Marshalls …also known as Home Goods.
  • Jesus calling (book on my desk) – one of my downline girls (Kate) sent that to me when I was sick and I like to keep it near … I often say “what would Jesus do” because I feel that it helps push me in the right direction … not that I always follow that ..but I certainly try very hard!! 
  • Pin Boards- also Pottery Barn on clearance (buying clearance items gives me such a good feeling!!).
  • And …for fun .. my awesome iMac came from the fabulous Apple Store!