Just a quick note to say I’ve been working on Team Chic n Scratch things for most of the day. 

I want to explain a few things because I know it’s confusing some of you.

When I don’t stamp or post a project on my blog ….  it may seem as though I’m not working ….. but instead I’m working on other things .. like my Team Chic n Scratch incentives. Or ….another program I’m starting (two are in the pipeline and I’m super excited!!!!).

Another example ….. if you see me on Facebook … and think I’m working .. I may not be.  I OFTEN use Facebook at doctors offices, while I’m cooking …even in the bath (I know scary thought but what can I say … I like to multitask). 

So, if you see me on Facebook or Pinterest … please know that I may doing that on my personal time and I’m not ignoring you .. I’m just not working.  I appreciate all of you and I want you to know that I’ve never ignore you on purpose .. I’ve just learned that I have to set limits or other wise I’d work myself to death .. just kidding …you know what I mean…don’t you?

Gotta run … have a good night!!