I’m in LOVE with my new website!!!  And … I’m simply amazed at how easy it went … for me …that is!!!  I know the whole team worked very hard (for many months) and I’m soooo thankful there were no major issues!!  

Way back (in March and even earlier than that) when I was talking to my husband about the decision to change my site …. this was my biggest selling point …. that my site would be done right (not that it wasn’t before but it certainly had it’s issues). I wanted “clean, simple and organized”.  And that’s exactly what I got and I stand by my decision to invest in a new website.

Like you …. I’m learning how to create posts and navigate the site (yesterday’s pic was really big… but I’ll get it figured out).

One major note before I touch on some smaller items….. 

If you bookmarked my site before I domain mapped it …I know what does domain mapping mean?

Basically it went from www.chicnscratch.typepad.com to www.mychicnscratch.com.

www.mychicnscratch.com works on my new site … but if you bookmarked my site as typepad … you’re being ask for a password.  

To fix that all you need to do is delete the existing bookmark and add www.mychicnscratch.com.  

For some of you bookmark is not the right term …. I think some of you use “favorites”.  You’ll need to do the same thing …  just delete the old one.

But ..if you want something even easier you can subscribe to my Blog Feed ….and my posts will get delivered right to your email box.  All you need to do is enter your email address in the Subscribe box (right side bar) … for blog posts it’s the first box … 2nd box is for my newsletters.

Next subject … if you want to look at my blog post in chronological order .. all you need to do is when you get to my site … Click on Blog under the header (at the top of my site).   Days like today….post that does not have a picture will not show up on the home page … but it will show up on the Blog posts.  Speaking of the homepage …don’t you love that picture Slider?  I Do!!!

Here are the list of issues that we’re currently aware of….

  1. If you’re viewing my website on an ipad .. they are working on fixing that shadow in the nav bar and the wrapping.
  2. Yep, there’s a typo in the footer …it’s also on the list.
  3. Photo gallery links to old site … we’re working on it.

That’s it … unless you see something else …if so please let me know.

Now for some personal stuff … I can’t believe I’m going there but I must.   I had BIG PLANS for the week we launched my new site.  But God clearly had other plans for me!!  As aggravated as I am … I must accept it and move on.     

Here’s what happened … remember my eye surgery last year …..and then two other surgeries this year.  Well, my one good eye went blurry….when I was in the airport in California.  I say that because my right eye had one surgery where as my left eye had three and still has it’s own issues!

 After several days of it not getting better I went to my doctor ….but …. my doctor wasn’t in because it was labor day weekend so I saw someone I didn’t know.

Over the weekend it went from bad to worse and yesterday I had to get a 2nd opinion.  I was really afraid that my retina was detaching since 1/2 of my right eye is covered …turns out …it’s Floaters … but I have A LOT and my eyes are really dry …even though I use eye drops at least twice an hour.

 My computer usage is not helping matters .. one of the reasons why I didn’t turn my computer on Saturday or Sunday…. but it didn’t help.  

The new doctor was very good!!!!!!  But .. there is no fix for Floaters… he put some plugs in to help keep my eyes moist …but my Thyroid issues are not making it any better.  Although my energy level is good … my hair is still coming out, I have major dry eyes and brittle fingernails.  I guess when I get home from Founders Circle I’ll be heading back to my doctor to get my thyroid levels checked.

After all that … now you can see why I’m behind …on everything!  I’m sorry!  I’m going to really try to get caught up before I leave on Tuesday for Founders Circle.   I’m also sorry to be posting all this stuff …but I must explain so you’ll know what’s going on.  I’ve been in my office since 6am … and will be here all day and night .. but I’m not sure how much I’ll accomplish.

I have week #4 of the 12 Weeks of Halloween created ..in fact I have all the way to 7 ready ..but I need to film the video …edit the video ..load the video …type the instructions and then load on my site.  I will be working over the weekend (usually I do not) and if you have an urgent matter please feel free to email me again ..or email my assistant at julie@mychicnscratch.com.

Thanks & have a wonderful day!!

p.s. My goal is to post once a day Monday – Friday … but since I’m behind …all that is going out the window.  As soon as I finish something I’ll post it ..whatever time it may be (don’t be surprised if it’s midnight when you receive my newsletter).