My post today is covering several topics …..

  • My Chiclettes – anyone that redeems their Reward Punch card with me this year becomes one of My Chiclettes and will receive a special gift.  I've have your gifts on order and the delivery date has been pushed back to March 7th … I can't wait to show you what it is and I think you'll agree it was worth the wait!!  (If you redeemed your card in January or February .. I have your name on my spreadsheet and as soon as they arrive I'll get it in the mail).
  • Blog Candy winner from Jan.6th has been unclaimed … Shaila G.  Your name was drawn to win the Blog Candy.  Please send me your address so I can mail your package.

Blog Candy winner from Jan. 13th … Beth B .. I emailed you again this morning.  I need your address too.

Q & A Video/Recording:  I'm working on a Q & A video and f you'd like to ask a question … please email me your questions to  Please put in the subject line Q & A.

Subject lines:  I have a favor to ask ….when you send an email to me please remember to use the subject line  …. and if you can have it relate to your question or comment.  Junk email has increased A LOT lately and your subject lines are more important than ever.

Audio Message:  THANK YOU!!!  …I loved hearing all the positive responses to my audio message yesterday … made my day!!    Someone ask how did I come up with the idea … and I thought I would share it with you … especially because it's how I come up with almost everything I've done on my blog for the past 5 -1/2 years. 

So …the story is …as I was typing my blog post yesterday … it occurred to me that my message would be easier if I could just talk.   So … that got me to thinking about the conference calls I had last week with my downline and business coach.  On conference calls and you have the option of recording (if you pay extra)…. so that made me think "can I just record a message" …"not on a phone call" …. so I googled "how to get audio files posted on a blog"  …. I then spent the next hour re-wording that question until I found my answer.  The first one I found the quality was low and it's was flash & that meant it would not work on iPhone or iPad and I can't have that …so I went to Google again and found my answer ….. it took some digging but I got it.  That's brings me to my next subject ….

How did I get here:  I've had several people ask me how I got to where I'm at in my Stampin Up business…. that's a really good question. I guess I need to share "My Why"…. but it's long story .. so I can't go into it today.  But … I'm thinking of doing a video or audio message to share with you…if you attended some of my UStreams you've heard bits & pieces.   The thing I want to share today …whether you're one of my customers or a Stampin Up friend …. don't ever give up on something you want.  I tried for years & years …and just when I was about to give up …I made some changes and then it happened …almost like meeting my husband … at the age of 24 I was sure I would never find the man of my dreams and just when I thought I was done … he appeared 🙂

Holy cow …  too much information today …but I want everyone out there to always have HOPE.  I tell my kids …there isn't anything we can't fix or get through together …. and there isn't anything you can't do if you set your mind to it …you have to BELIEVE it.  The biggest battle is believing.  When Chase and Brooke were little …I taught them how to rollerblade by learning how myself … right in front of them and I have two left feet (not really but I'm a klutz) …. they saw me fall down a bunch …but I kept picking myself up and each time they would laugh at me.  After two days …all three of us were roller blading (I have since quit after falling and breaking a bone).

Sorry for the long post today … I'm not sure why I feel so wordy … I hope I haven't scared you off!

Have a great day!!

p.s. Either later today or tomorrow I'm going to post some cards and gifts I've received over the past few months.  Thank you ladies!!!