Missing the last two days of Founders Circle was kinda a bummer ….but I have to say there were many special moments and it was worth it! 

To mention a few:

  • On the first day …. I was able to sit for at least six hours with fellow demos … working on swaps and laughing a bunch! 
  • I went to Jill's and not only did I learn how to make a tea towel apron but she gave me one as well.
  • I was able to get my Founders Circle Pillow gifts.
  •  I became friends with several of my fellow Stampin Up demos and they helped me A LOT!!!

Had I not gone I would not have shared those special moments with those ladies.  So long story short … even though I've felt like I was dying the past few days …  it was still worth it.  (not sure my hubby understands but I bet most of you women get it.) 

Love you all!!

p.s. I have to tell you ….this cold/flu ..whatever it is that I have …has been worse than surgery.  At least after surgery I took pain pills and slept.  The sore throat, coughing and not sleeping …after having surgery …. is AWFUl!!  The good news is I do feel better today …better than yesterday.  But still sick ….. everyone that has called me today says I sound awful :)  You'll probably hear it when I stream live on Wednesday when I announce the winner for the first Big Shot.

Click here for details on how to win a Big Shot Die Cut Machine.