All the entries to my 3D Creative Contest have been posted and it's time to vote.

There were 9 entries and the way to vote is to post a comment on that project.  If you're not sure how to leave a comment …here's what you do …. Look at the very end of the post and you'll see some very fine writing … within that writing you'll see the word "Comment" …. click on that and then it will allow you to leave a comment. To vote for the project … you can simply say something as simple as "this project gets my vote" or you're welcome to say more.

I'll post the winner on Thursday around noon.

Thanks & good luck to all the ladies that entered!!

p.s. If you entered your poject in my contest and would like to share the supply list and instructions ….that would be great! I've had a ton of requests for every single project …they've also ask if I could film a video.  It's totally your choice … just let me know.