A quick update on Chase……..

I'm struggling with how much info do I post on my business blog …or even if I should. Sometimes it's hard to know where to draw the line …especially when you're dealing with emotional stuff and lack of sleep.

I've decided to share the details …..so that everyone can understand.

His surgery was on Friday.  Everything went well but as expected he's dealing with a lot of pain. They removed the tumor and then took some bone from his heel to replace the bone in his ankle….and screwed it in.

The first few nights were awful ….we came home Saturday evening …. with the nerve block, thank God for that!!   He's also on some major pain meds.  The nerve block was intended to last two to three days ….looks like tomorrow is the last day (I'm terrified).

Until I feel comfortable leaving him upstairs alone…. I'm not working.   I had thought about posting and providing you all with cute ideas …. but to be honest ….. my heart just isn't into stamping when he's not feeling well.  I know most of you mothers out there totally get what I'm saying.

I may change my mind in a couple days …maybe I'll feel more energetic …but in the meantime I'm not going to be posting projects.   I'll try to check my email once or twice a day … but if it requires me working to find the answer I'm going to hold off and put it in my to do box.

Meanwhile my title for the next week or so is nurse and companion…he and I have watched about 10 episodes of House and we're dreading when we run out (we're on Season 6). 

Here's a picture of Chase's ankle on Saturday.

Chase ankle day two

And here's a picture of my attempt at stamping at the hospital …..using that tray thing in his room.  I got a great start on my May Thank you cards ….I scored & folded cards while he was in surgery and then Dave distracted me with Angry Birds.  That was a great time eater for him …he got stuck on one level for over an hour …he left to get coffee and I finished it for him in two tries …can you imagine his disbelief?  We're still cracking up over that one!!

May thank you card process
Have a great week & thanks so much for understanding!!

Order Stampin' Up!p.s. thanks again for all of your prayers!!!!

p.s.s.  Lots of requests have come in for our address ….here ya go:  14127 Parkhill Street, Overland Park, KS 66221.  Thank You!!!