A quick note ….if you subscribe to my Chic n Scratch Live! blog….you've probably noticed the video screen is black.  It's an issue with the feed service called Feed Burner.  I've checked everything and I can't find where it can be fixed.  But I'm not giving up.

This site "Chic n Scratch Live!"  will always have a video attached when I post.  So if you receive an email/ feed in your email box….I've posted a video.  I think this may be the only post that doesn't have a video over here.

To clear up any confusion….I've changed the setting that shows you a tease of the post …and then it will say click here to read more.  (or something like that)

I'll keep working on it and try to get it fixed …I know everyones time is precious and I love the ease of having my blog posts emailed to you!! 

Thanks & have a great day!!