I love electronics 🙂 that sounds funny coming from a stamper doesn’t it?

So, the reason for my extra post today is My Chic n Scratch blog is now listed on the Amazon Kindle ….and if you have an ipad you can subscribe to my blog feed compliments of Blog Shelf.

Neither of them are free…but I just had to share it with you.   And please don’t feel obligated to purchase either … especially if you have time to check my blog from your computer.  If you’re like me…. you’re so busy you need info pushed to you verses having to go find it ….. and both of these do just that!! 

Here’s the details:

  • Amazon Kindle will feed my blog to your Kindle for $1.99 a month (31 days in a month equals about 6 cents a day).  If you live out of the US, this option may not be available to you. Sorry!!
  • Blog Shelf is an ipad app and once you pay the $4.99 you can subscribe to my blog feed ..right from the app. I swear my blog posts look better on the ipad than they do through FeedBurner (but don’t tell them I said that).

Here’s a picture of My Chic n Scratch on Amazon (don’t have one of my ipad…yet) and click here if you want to take a peek over at Amazon.


See ya tomorrow!!

p.s. I know I need to get busy stamping …tomorrow for sure!