Blessing Mix Scallop
Change of plans…since I’m using one arm/hand to craft…..I needed an easier Blessing Mix to make for Thanksgiving.  I had already filled the Small Cello bags with the Blessing Mix …. so I was looking for something to put them in that wouldn’t require me to do much.

I came up with a Scallop Circle Sandwich 🙂  Kinda reminds me of an Oreo cookie.  If I could….I would have added a cut out image …like a leaf or something….oh well ….calling it done.

I used the Scallop Circles #2 die and cut out two Early Espresso scallops per bag and I taped the cello bags to the circles.

Would you like a laugh?   I could have or should have passed on making the blessing mix this year (because of my sling) but the ingredients to make these things are not cheap….so I felt I had to make them or otherwise all those Bugles, candy corn, pretzels, peanuts and orange slices would go to waste.   And after I finished making them…it occurred to me that I could have dumped all those ingredients into a big bowl…. printed the poem & slide it in a picture frame and set it out like that…I can see it in my mind…but I’ll have to try it to see if I really like the idea (maybe next year).

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p.s. One last time …before it strikes midnight….. Happy Birthday Chase!!