Good morning,

For those of you that want to keep up with my streaming schedule….if you subscribe ……you'll get a notification.

Kinda like how you subscribe to my blog feeds and my newsletters.  When I schedule one in advance….for example … Saturday, Sept 11th. at noon is my next sheduled one…I may sneak one in sometime in the middle of the week….you just never know.

Here's how you do it:  go to my Stamp with ChicnScratch Ustream channel and click on "Join Crowd".   Once you do that you'll get a notice every time I schedule something. 

Before you join the crowd, you need a screen name…it's free and easy and once you have a screen name you can participate in the chats.   Sorry so many of you had problems with the chat box.  The good news is it looks like UStream is making some improvements to their site….I'm thrilled the commercials have changed!! (I think they must have heard what I said about them…..just kidding.)

I'm working on my regular post now…see ya in a while 🙂

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