Just a quick update….as of today….I'm back in my office working 🙂

It's been two weeks and I'm sorry if a few of you are wondering where I went.  First it was Convention and then my sister in law & her children came to visit.  We decided to take them to the lake house & we had a great visit!!  I even showed Isabelle how to make the owl punch bookmark 🙂

I need a couple days to get caught up.  If you sent me an email in the past month or called me (I was gone 75% of July)…let me know if you don't hear from me by Wednesday evening. I work pretty fast but my nephew came in from Tennessee last night and I'll probably take off Friday.   I'm pretty sure this has been the busiest summer ever!!!  Chase & Brook go back to school in two more weeks & I'm craving a routine like you wouldn't believe!!!

Next subject….. I've put my comments on hold for approval.   I love receiving comments and please don't stop…..but I had to put them on hold for approval due to spam stuff.  For some reason people keep leaving me comments about name brand purses, shoes and all sorts of stuff like that (I'm afraid to mention the name of the shoes and bags for fear it may increase the spam). It's really weird….do they not know I'm going to delete it?  I really wish I knew how to fix it … but…..for now I'll hold them until I can figure out my choices. 

See ya later,

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