Congrats Gale!! Your name was drawn to win the kit for the Halloween box I made on UStream.  Please email me your full name & address and I'll get it shipped out to you asap. 

Thanks again for all the positive response…..I love it!! As for the quality of the streaming…I wish I could improve it but that's the price we pay for being live.  I've worked on streaming live for almost a year and just getting the set up was a miracle.  I'll continue to search for a way to improve the quality …..maybe I could get lucky and someone could actually help me 🙂

See ya in a little while…..with my project for the day.

Here's her comment:

I thought the live stream was great. I think it was great that we could contribute to your project and learn and ask questions at the same time. i look forward to more in the future.
Thank you,


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