Virginia D

A big thank you goes out to Virginia for sending me all these goodies.  Thank you …thank you ….thank you!!

I love them and I still can’t believe you sent me all those flowers! They look just like our Fleurettes on page 188 🙂

I’m in a hurry today….I joined the gym…had a major workout today and now I have a million errands to run.   But I’ll see you tomorrow for another Stamp with Chic n Scratch live on Ustream.  This week it will start at 11:30am Central time (I have a hair appt at 2pm so the chat will be shorter).

I’ll post the button right before I go live, I’ll send out a tweet and post on my facebook.  Click here if you’d like to go to my Ustream channel  now. (I haven’t figured out what project I’m doing yet…if I get my act together I’ll post a supply list ….otherwise I’ll just wing it.)

Have a fantastic Friday!!

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