Petal card treats

I whipped out these goodies real fast this morning and I made all of them while I was on the phone (see end of post for details).

All you need is the Petal Card die & you make them with Felt that you can pick up just about anywhere (even Wal-mart).  I doubled the felt…meaning I folded it over and ran it through the Big Shot.  And, it works like a dream!!

Petal Card
The first picture of them….I just added the candy inside and folded the flaps over & tied it with some ribbon. They will hold some Sweet Tarts, M&M's or a Ghirardelli Chocolate.
Pink Heart

The next way to use the very same die is cut off the bottom two flaps and you have a heart.  I did a Blanket Stitch around the sides.  Punched two holes using the Crop a Dile & then added some handles (I should re-do the handles..I was in a hurry & threw it together).  When adding the handles make sure you punch the holes more to the left & right and not in the center.  On the red one I made …it doesn't look right with the holes in the middle.  Here's what they look like with some candy.  

Felt hearts

They look better than the picture…I need one of those hanger things to hold them up!!

Would you like to see a video on how to make this? I'd be happy to film it but I never know what to film or not to film 🙂   If you'd like to see how to do a Blanket stitch, click here to watch my video (older video making the candy corn bag).

Thanks for joining me!!
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p.s. Please keep my nephew in your prayers!!  He turned 20 yesterday and on his way to a friends house he hit some black ice.  He crashed into an embankment, had to bust out his window to get out, cell phone had no coverage and he had to walk to his friends house.  Once he got there he collapsed & they drove him to the ER.  Not sure how he made it with his injuries…… God works in mysterious ways!!   He should be okay but his injuries require some surgery today.   Days like today I sure miss living near my family!!