Good afternoon,

I took a trip to the fabric store and decided to get started on my Rag Quilt Blanket …… or is a throw?  I searched online for all the details and there’s a lot of info on this subject.  What I’ve decided to do is make the quilt based on a hodge podge of info and then try to incorporate Stampin’ Up! in the process (on the next rag quilt).

For example, my first Rag Quilt Purse was made with just regular 5″ squares and after I made it I decided to use the Scallop Square Die.  What a time saver that was!!  I cut 126 squares last night and 63 this morning. Having the Big Shot do the cutting really does save you time!

Here’s a picture of my squares and I purchased this fabric at Quilters Haven in Olathe, KS.

Winter quilt 

Here’s all of them……

Snowman quilt 

The next picture is how I figured it out on paper.  I decided after much research that I wanted my throw to have 7 squares across with 9 down. Each square is a 6″ square.  I need 63 squares for the front and 63 for the back.   I also need 63 squares of batting and I choose 4 1/4 for the size.  Notice how I said “I choose”?  There’s a lot of info out there and I’m just a beginner so I’m going with what the ladies tell me at the quilting store.


Here’s how I figured out how many squares I needed of each pattern. 


I’m not sure when I’ll get started but for now my squares are ready for whenever I have some time to sew (usually very late at night when I’m too tired for anything else).

If you emailed me about the Cowboy prints on my sisters purse. I went back to Quilters Haven and bought some more fabric and now I have the names.  Here ya go:

  • The pattern with the horse & saddle is “Back in the Saddle” copyright by Anita Phillips & licensed to Wilmington prints.
  • The pattern with the red stripes with blue stars doesn’t have a name on it but it does say Patt. 3719 and the website is
  • The burnt red pattern with cream stars is 1867 Gloria by Bonnie Sullivan. 
  • Horse shoe pattern was sold out but you could use  022 Zen Stripe Makower uk.
  • Pattern on bottom of purse wasn’t shown in the picture and it doesn’t have a name on it.  When you’re buying the fabric just look for a pattern that has the same colors in it.

I bought several patterns of new fabric & I’ll save it for next weekend.

Have a great day!

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p.s. Club girls….club is tomorrow at 11am or 7pm.  Don’t be shocked by all the boxes in the dining room or how clean & organized my office is 🙂  Both are very extreme!!