Here’s a few photos from opening night of New Moon.  The first picture is of Julie & I (aka my stamping buddy, my quilting buddy, my convention buddy and my twilight series buddy).

New Moon Julie & I
We are so very thankful that Teresa had blankets in her van but can I just say ‘we were frozen solid”!!  Our group consisted of me, Julie, Teresa, Melissa, Tracy, Brooke & Brooke (yes two Brooke’s).  I’m kicking myself for not talking a group picture and for not having a memory card with me. 

The next picture is of the line…..this is how close we were to the door….you should have seen the line going in the other direction (tried to take that one and that’s when I realized I had no memory card).  (I know I worded that wrong…..hopefully it will make you laugh.)

New moon line 

  We had tickets but for some reason we had to wait outside.  Over an hour in the cold temps was not how we expected our night to begin!  Good thing Eclipse is in June!  Local girls….we’re going back to Palazzo 16 for the next one (with my luck it will be 110 on June 30th and I’d rather wait in doors).  Go ahead & mark your calendar for June 29th.

I’ll share more photos later…I’m waiting to get a few of them from some of the other girls.

My next picture is a Pin Cushion I bought last week…..isn’t it darling?  It clamps right on to my sewing table 🙂  I’ll have another one to show you next weekend (a gift I received).

Pin cushion 

I bought this little old sewing table years & years ago and I kept our bird cage on it.  Yes, I stole it from our bird 🙂  we joke & say she deserves it (I’ll share that story one day). 

Have a good night!

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