Let’s get started…….  I hope you enjoy seeing the projects as much as I did! 

 I received projects from 14  people for my Creative Contest and that will give us two projects per day for the next week.  I’ll post the projects as I received them.  When I return from Convention I’ll tally up the comments, speak with my panel of girls helping me and announce a winner on August 11th. 

One vote per project per person.  Please do not ask questions on the comments, if you have a question, send an email.  The comments for this contest will not be checked until after I return from Convention.

You are welcome to vote for one or more projects, but just remember, the project with the most comments will get a higher score and more than likely win the Free stamp set.

As soon as I get a chance I’ll ask the girls to provide me with the recipes and I’ll post those details with each project.

Am I forgetting anything?  If I’ve missed something I’ll update this post and mark it so it’s noticeable.

See ya!

p.s. I’m going to refrain from commenting about each project myself.  I don’t want to sway the votes…but after the vote I’ll add my comments and post the recipes.