Just a quick update….. I need to explain some video info.   I was using a video company called Veoh.   I choose them because their videos played in higher quality and they had a family filter.

But, the family filter stopped working.  My videos played okay but the content shown afterwards was shocking to say the least.  I contacted them several times and explained to them that children watched my videos  but I failed to make them fix the family filter.  Anyhow,  my plan was to move those videos and then close my account.  But, yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore and I deleted my account.  Some of those videos are not available on You Tube, but, this week I’ll load them and get them back on my site.  For now you’ll see a box that says video not available but I’ll work on it asap!!

Sorry I have to post something so negative on my blog, I hate doing that and I don’t usually do it.  But, sometimes by sharing your story you can help others.  Thanks for understanding!!