Hi, two days in a row I'm as happy as a clam!!  (are clams happy?)   Before I tell what I'm really happy about I'll go ahead and give you the details about my Altered Clipboard.  

The video is ready and I'm going to break down and tell you I have a contest embedded in the video (I've been secretly giving away goodies for almost two weeks, did you know that?) Click here if you want all the details on the Parisian Breeze Altered Clipboard

My video also includes tips on how to be bubble free with Mod Podge. (doesn't that sound funny?)

Here's a small picture (you can view it larger on my Stampin' Academy


Now for what made my day……my RSS feed issue is fixed.  I know what the heck is RSS Feeds…I have no clue….it's complicated & over my head.   Maybe that's why it took me this long to get it fixed.  In April something happened and my Feeds stopped and although I added Feedburner and many of you found me again….I lost a lot of people.  But as of a few hours ago……I'm on the train again and I'm ready to shout it from the roof!  Tune in later this week I have a surprise coming!!

Thanks for stopping by!