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I'm headed to bed but I thought I'd fill you in for tomorrow.  I plan on getting up early and posting the Last Chance List as soon as possible.  I'll also post the link to order a copy of the New 2009/2010 Idea Book & Catalog.   And, I'll announce the winner of the Last Chance List Contest.

Thanks for all the really nice emails over the past few days!!  My head is somewhat better…and my voice is returning….but it still sounds rough :) 

See ya tomorrow!

p.s. I stamped one little card today so I could post on my blog and after I took the picture & went to edit it……… it looked just like a card I made two months ago 🙂

Click here if you'd like to place a Stampin' Up! order.

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Chic n Scratch Bloopers #2

Hi, it's the perfect time to share my latest Stampin Bloopers!! I hope you enjoy the laugh!

This is the only video I'll be posting over the next few days (I have a sinus infection and I've lost my voice or when it works I sound like a frog).

Have a great weekend!

p.s. If you're interested in my Punch Book or Punch Pages, I've posted the details on my Chic' n Scratch Shack.



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Chic n Scratch Bloopers #2

It's perfect timing for my Chic' n Scratch Bloopers #2!!  

Why?  I've lost my voice…. I've had lots of sinus infections but I've never had this happen.   I sound like a frog one minute…and then my voice is gone……….that reminds me that would make a good blooper itself …and a frog would be a good choice for my Punch Book. 

Okay back to the Bloopers….it's ready and posted on my Stampin' Academy.  Click here to go there now. I hope you enjoy them!!

I'm not sure I'll get a chance to post over the next few days. I'm going to try to wrap up my Punch Pages and get the instructions typed & posted.  

 Have a great weekend & thanks for stopping by!!

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Animal Punch Pages

Hi, I spent many hours reading all the emails I received regarding my Punch Book and with a little help from my friends we decided that I had to offer several choices (based on the feedback). 

Here’s the details……please make sure you read all the details before you click to order.

Animal Punch PagesOption #1 Instructions that include the Punch Page $4 each animal (see button on the left side bar of my Chic’ n Scratch Shack).

Purchase the instructions for each animal and the final page of the instructions will include a photo of my Punch Page.  You can print that last page on Whisper White Cardstock, cut it and slide it right into your Punch Book.

If you’ve already purchased my instructions I will send you the additional pages asap.

Currently I have 3 completed  and if you look on the left side bar of my Chic’ n Scratch Shack you’ll see the links to the Hippo, Lion & Ladybug Instructions.  I’ll continue to add the rest of the Instructions there because that option will remain open for a while (options 2 through 4 are limited).  Plus that’s where I’ll post future instructions when they’re available.

Make sure you check out Option #3. If you purchase the Instructions you can add on the animal pieces.

Animal Punch PagesOption #2Ten Completed Punch Pages

With this option you will get 10 pages with 10 animals & their parts (It will look just like my punch page) for $25.  The only thing missing from the page will be the writing and I’ll provide you with a picture to complete it (it will be sent as a pdf file).

The list of animals include:  Hippo, Lion, Ladybug, Horse, Alligator, Bear & Reindeer.  The final three will be chosen soon!

I’ll start taking orders now and will start shipping the 2nd week of June (could be earlier).

Please read the Fine Print before you purchase.

Fine Print: The pages do not include an album or page protectors. You have a few choices, you can check out my “Gotta have it all Kit” or you can order the album (we sell the albums in our Stampin’ Up! catalog).  The album is the 6 x 6 Linen 3 Ring.   Please check all four options before you purchase.

Animal PunchesOption #3 Animal Parts

This option is only available if you’re purchased the instructions listed in Option #1.  The animal pieces can be purchased for $2 each.  If you purchase the Hippo instructions you can purchase the Hippo parts, please do not mix and match, that option is not available.

If you’ve already purchased the instructions (last week) you’re welcome to order them.

They’ll be shipped 1st class mail and you can expect shipment fairly quickly.

1.  Hippo   

2.  Lion    

3.  Ladybug   

4.  Bear    

5.  Reindeer  

The rest of them will be posted soon….my goal is to get more added on Saturday

Animal Punch Pages KitOption #4 “Gotta have it all Kit”

This kit includes everything you need to complete your own album for $50.  (except the glue & the black marker….you have those right?)

Here’s what comes in your kit: A 6 x 6 Linen Album – color of your choice, 10 Pages, 10 animal packets & all 10 instructions (each animal has 4 pages and will be sent as a pdf file). Animal list includes:  Hippo, Lion, Bear, Ladybug, Alligator, Reindeer & Horse (the final three will be revealed next week).

I’ll start taking orders now and once I receive all the orders I will place my order with Stampin’ Up! for the albums. Your deadline to order this kit is June 10th.  (If I get a huge response I may open it up for another round in June or July.)

Special note:  As a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator we are not allowed to cash & carry items.  That means I will collect the orders & then place my order with Stampin’ Up!  Shipment of this kit should be around the June 20th(could be a little sooner depending on shipping from Stampin’ Up!).


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Alligator Punch

Alligator Punch Hi, my video demonstrates how to make this darling Alligator Punch.

Here’s the supply list:

Cardstock:  Kiwi Kiss, Basic Black & Whisper White

Ink:  Kiwi Kiss

Punches:  Key Tag, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 Circle & Scallop edge

Other:  Matchbox Die, Big Shot, Sponges, Tombow Liquid Glue & Scissors


I’m going to post the details on how I’m going to sell my Punch Book/Pages later today.  Thanks!!

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Alligator video is ready :)

Alligator Punch Page for blog Good morning!   The video on how to assemble the Alligator is ready, click here to watch it on my Stampin' Academy.

I'll be back later today with the details on how I'll be selling my Punch Book/Pages.

Have a great day!

p.s.  girlfriends….I'm going to the doc today…..it's 8am and I'm dressed and ready to head to the walk in clinic.

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Animal Punch Pages

Hey,  my internet & phone is working again (insert happy dance).

Thanks for all the really nice feedback you all gave me over the weekend regarding my Punch Pages!! I've made a decision & you'll have four options.  If all goes well……. I'll post the details tomorrow.

 You do not want to hear that I'm sick and I've had a fever all day…do you? as well as no phone and no internet service….. when it rains ….it not only pours….. it floods!   I'm thinking I could write a book. I know, that was a poor choice of language….I'm trying to laugh instead of cry 🙂

Congrats to Patti P!! You've won my 5 Animal Punch Pages :)  I've sent you an email. I've also started a new area on my blog to announce winners to my Contest.  I've been offering lots of goodies lately and I needed a spot to list the winners.  I always ask the winner if I can post their name (some have chosen not to and I respect that).  In the future I'll just keep adding the names to this list, click here to view it.   ( Patti's name is the only one listed now, instead of going backwards we'll go forward.)

Thanks for stopping by…see ya tomorrow!

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Alligator Punch

Alligator Punch Check back on Wednesday for more details on my Alligator Punch Page…. and lots more :)     

8am update….My phone service and internet service is down (has been since yesterday evening).  Time Warner will be here at 2pm to look at my problem.  As soon as they get me reconnected I’ll get busy. 

 I’m using my Sprint card to update you just in case you’ve tried to call or email.  Downline & my dear customers….. if you have a question  that you need an answser right away, email my personal account.   Otherwise I’ll update again around 3pm (if all goes well…pray that it does!!)

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Sense of Time stamp set

April top 30 Hi!

I was really happy to get this card in the mail from one of my uplines (thanks Jill)!!   I bought the Sense of Time stamp set from the Occasions Mini Catalog and I haven't had a chance to use it yet.  But, Father's Day is around the corner and I'm thinking I may use this set. 

I have several things to share this week  & I'll start with one today.  Are you considering becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator?   I ask because next week is a super exciting time for Stampin' Up! demonstrators.  You  can join next week….but right now, in May we have a special kit for $75.  (Ask me for details on the Scrapbook kit.)

Next week we'll get to pre-order the new In-Colors as well as some new sets and the New Idea Book & Catalog will be included with our first order placed in June. That's as much info as I can give you, the details for it will be posted on our Stampin'  Up! website June 1st.

Okay, I said I was only going to mention one thing but I can't resist. If you're needing ink refills or cardstock or ribbon for the current In-Colors, please order them asap!!  Every year we run out of those supplies really fast.

Thanks for stopping by!!


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