Hi……what do you think of my updated banner & buttons?  Don't you love the new look……and how we kept my original picture but made it prettier?  I've been so excited I could hardly stand it!!  I contacted Michelle to create a logo for my New & Improved Chic Stand and it was so awesome I decided I needed a makeover for my blog.  I had no idea what I wanted…..I just told her I wanted it prettier and that's exactly what she did & I love it!!!  It really is the little things in life!! 

The new & improved Chic Stands are on order but the delivery date is unknown.  Late February or early March…in the next few days I'll post the link to start ordering…but I'm waiting until I get shipment notification.  Not to worry…I'll have plenty of them…I ordered more than ever…since the shipping fees keep going up I decided to order a lot this time. 

Do you want to see the logo?   But…. let me tell you…in the future, once I get them in stock…to order them all you'll need to do is click on the logo and it will take you to an ordering page (embracing the new technology).Chic Stand 


p.s. the rhinestones are not included with the Chic Stands 🙂 That's a bag I have with my logo on it…cute isn't it?