Here's some VIP notes for you.

1.  The Holiday Mini Catalog ends tonight….and the Retired Stamps are no longer available after tonight….and the Blow-out Special ends tonight.  With all that being said….if you want to order any of those items, please do not wait until the last minute!! Speaking from experience….the system may get bogged down and I'd hate for you to miss out on ordering.

2.  Starting at Midnight tonight (Mountain time) the Stampin' Up! system will be down until noon Monday (Mountain time)  During that time they're going to add add the new catalog and update our Demo websites so we can start taking your orders (yippie).  What that means is online ordering will not be available and my Stampin' Up! website will be down ….. from midnight tonight to noon tomorrow.

To help out the system….I'm going to offer Double Incentive points on your Customer Appreciation card if you place an online orderTuesday, Jan. 20th.  Starting at Midnight Monday & ending at Midnight on Tuesday….&…. I have one other trick up my sleeve but you won't know what it is until Wednesday 🙂

Have a great day!!

p.s. sorry I didn't post yesterday…..busy day with my children…..Dave isn't feeling well and I was exhausted. 

p.s.s. Do you have your new catalog and are you as excited about it as I am?  I can't wait to place my order!!!!!!  Going to Leadership and then coming home and waiting has been very difficult for me.  Starting tomorrow I'll have Leadership photos to share with you :)  I'd love to hear your favorite new products…maybe later this week I'll list my top 10 and you can tell me yours 🙂