Good morning!!

Today I'm going to share with you a few of the fun photos we took in Orlando during the Stampin' Up! Leadership.  I always come home wishing I had taken more photos …….but….. for me it's hard to stop what I'm doing & get the camera out (plus…my photos are not that great).

So, let's get started… Photo number one is of Samantha and myself ….for the Stampin' Up! demos, she's my SAM (Service Account Manger) and her name is Sam…don't you love it?  She is so kind and has helped me so much, I love her! For my customers …..that are not familiar with the SAM program, if we earn cruise or when your title reaches a certain level or if you're in the Top 100 Demos, you get a SAM (it's kinda hard to explain). So, here we are…..

Sam & Angie    

The next picture you'll get a kick out of …..several Stampin' Up! demos went to see the Twilight movie on Friday night…that was sooo much fun!!  It was like being a teenager going to the theater with so many girls! (That made my 5th time to see it but it was Glenda's 28th time….shock!!)  Here we are….

Twilight demos 

The next picture is of one of the signs at the Managers Reception, I couldn't resist taking it (I should  have taken a picture of the food, but I was too busy eating it).

Super Hero The next picture is of Shelly and I at the Managers Reception. (Shelly I'm thankful I got to experience my 1st Managers Reception with you …even though you tried to kill me on that HULK ride…just kidding.)Shelly & I 

Moving right along….the next picture is of me being silly…while we were at the movie theater waiting we decided to take some silly pictures…..

Friday 13th 

The next picture is really funny….me on the red carpet…I couldn't resist :)  sorry the photos are kinda blurry…note to self next year …take good camera to Managers Reception. (I was afraid to take my good camera to Universal Studios….you know with the rides and all.)

Red Carpet 

I'm hoping that a few friends forward me some non blurry pictures (hint hint)….I really need to take a photography class!!

Tomorrow I'll resume my regular daily posts….Have a great day!!