Holy Cow!!  What an amazing response to my recipe request!!  Have you all been reading these?  I’m so overwhelmed…. I’m not sure whose recipe to try first.  And my brain is thinking……should we make some kind of cookbook with all these wonderful recipes????  That would be one amazing recipe book….I just need to think it through and figure out an idea.  If you have a suggestion, send it to me.

I have 209 recipes/comments posted on here and half that much sent to me through email……I need to more time to announce the winner.  I had Holiday Class today and I’ve been working on club orders all evening and I’m exhausted with a captial E 🙂   I’ll get busy first thing in the morning & get all the recipes posted and pick a number…..AND to make up for my tardiness…..I’ll give away another free set….I have a few older sets to choose from and the 2nd number drawn can pick what set they’d like.

Thanks & good night!! 

p.s. you guys are wonderful and I appreciate you all!!!