Good evening!

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you….I changed the background on my blog.  I'm not sure if it's me or my laptop but lately the black has been hard for me to read and to see. 

 So, I need some feedback….what do you think?  Short and sweet works…do you want "Back in Black"  (okay I couldn't resist…I was a AC/DC fan in my teens) Or do you like the new look?

Here's my story from yesterday….but first let me say….things are always happening in my family and I think…. those things happen just to give us really good stories to tell.  (One day I'll have to share with you the story about the taxi cab breaking down in the middle of an intersection and he had no radio….note to everyone…never get in a taxi without a working radio.)  Sorry…lane swerve….back to Target.  Went to get some last minute gifts and I'm happy to say I was successful in what I was looking for….so successful that my cart was overflowing.  The moment I walked out the Target door…the wind was so strong it ripped my receipt right out of my hands and flew away.  I couldn't do a thing…the wind was so bad I had a hard time holding my cart….so I unloaded my packages into my vehicle and went back into Target to see if they could reprint my receipt.  They did…but it took 30 minutes…they had a problem with their printer.  Lesson learned….put receipt in purse on cold windy days!!

Have a goodnight :) 

p.s. I hope I get a chance to stamp real soon!!!