Good morning!!

In the past couple days I’ve made three new videos.  The first one is how to make this Shaker card….the 2nd one is how to make the matching envelope.  It’s actually a video on how to turn the medium envelopes into an envelope to hold my favorite card size…..4 1/4 x 4 1/4.  And the last video is how to make the Acetate Pillow Box (shown in my 12 weeks of Christmas newsletter).  I’ve got a few more lined up … feels great to get back in the saddle!! (you know what that means right?)

  If you want a good laugh…check out the envelope video first…I goofed and had to stop myself from getting the giggles…it was not easy!!

Click here to watch the Shaker Card Video

Click here to watch the Envelope Video

Click here to watch the Acetate Pillow Box


Pillow_box_with_acetate Thanks for visiting my blog….have a great day!!! 

p.s. When you use the Big Shot Pillow box die with Acetate you’ll need to add some cardstock under the die to make it work.  Because the acetate is so thin you need to make the die thicker.  Let me know if you need help understanding this 🙂  (I’m a visual person too… I understand the ? )