Hi,  just a quick update….I’ll not be posting first thing in the morning….I had some computer trouble most of the day and I want to make sure it’s not going to crash again when I load pictures.  But …I have some info…..

Some of you have emailed me that you had trouble placing an Stampin’ Up! order online.   I called Stampin’ Up! and got the scoop.  If you enter a product number in and it says "not available"…that means their inventory is getting low and you can still order it…but you need to order it through me.  After they explained why ……I totally understand.   The system is set up that way so that you don’t have a backordered item with your first experience with online ordering…that would not make you happy.  So, if you encounter that problem, send me an email and I will check the backorder report and let you know if it’s available or not.  I hope that helps & sorry for the trouble.

See ya soon!  (I hope to have my project posted before noon…Tuesday.)