Ikea_shelves Hi,

It’s taken me all day to get this photo!! We got home from Chicago last night and this is what we picked up at Ikea.   (I could live in that store!)

I bought several items & they kept me from stamping all day.  The next photo is the shelves loaded with all my stamps and a few other things.  You’ll notice post it note labels on the shelves…once I decide if that’s where I’m keeping them…I’ll use my P-Touch to permanently label it.Ikea_shelves_loaded  Another item I bought from Ikea was the magazine holders…..I love those!!! (click on the picture to view it larger.)

Here’s how I organize my stamps….I sort them just like the catalog. The categories include:  Holidays, Occasions, Growing Up, All Natural, Alphabets, Backgrounds, Elements, Hostess & Mini Catalog & Greetings. 

Tomorrow I’ll get back to posting projects and Wednesday I’ll start posting in the morning again.

Thanks for stopping by….see ya!

p.s. Make sure you tune in on Thursday of this week!!!

p.s.s. Quick reminder…the Birthday Celebration stamp sale ends in just a few days. If you need more info….send an email to [email protected].

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