Week_one_new_studio Good morning!

Several of you have ask "how’s the new stamp room coming along" …..SLOW 🙂  But, I’m not going to complain….good things happen to those who wait (is that true?) 

Here’s some details for ya.  Those big stars on the wall….they’ll be going…. just as soon as my hubby either buys cabinets and builds shelves….still not sure which I want….in fact half of my drawers are still empty…I’m confused about what I want where….do you do that? 

Next on the list….that pretend island…..fyi…you should see the one in my old office…I called it my redneck island.  Anyway….Dave is going to build a wood ??? something to go around those containers so that on each side I can access the drawers but to the people on the other side of the room they will see wood.  I’m thinking that may be a ways off, considering what I have now is working… it’s just not that pretty. The other side is still not done….waiting on shelves from Ikea to store all my binders and stamp sets….as soon as I get that I’ll take more pictures.   

Next is a picture of Brook on her first day of high school….hard to believe my youngest child…the baby….. is in high school.  Brook_high_school Check out her Vera Bradley bag…hee hee

And last but not least…..our Hawaii trip is officially booked….and more good news…..we’re going a little early.  The kids are on Spring Break the week before and we decided to go early :)))) 

Thanks for stopping by….see ya tomorrow!