Oops!!  I missed it ….. Remember the other day when I said something was coming up on Thursday…….I crack myself up.  I knew I was forgetting something yesterday…..but just couldn’t put my finger on it :))))   So, here it is…..Yesterday was my Blog Anniversary….I started my blog on August 14th, 2006.  What an amazing past few years it’s been.  I still remember starting my blog….we won’t go into all that 🙂   (I’m sure you can imagine the hours I spent trying to figure out what TypeList meant….or better yet….how to take good pictures.)

Over the past few years several of you have ask how I came up with the name Chic n’ Scratch.  It’s kinda a long story but I figure nows the time to share it.  It’s kinda silly…but what can I say.  Here’s the rest of the story…….

A few years back I ran across the name Chicken Scratch…..and as a girl from the South I was drawn to it… but …. I forgot about it.  Then, I went to my cousins wedding in Georgia and while I was there a guy said to my sister and I that we were from Tennessee and of course we both were like “what” how could he know that?  Then he says “girls from Tennessee talk like chickens”  both my sister and I at the same time said “Whaaaaaat”….and we both sounded like a couple chickens.  We have laughed and laughed over that!  And to top it off, the next day we told our daddy. I said daddy, some guy last night said people from Tennessee talk like chickens and what did my daddy say?  The exact same thing “whaaaaaat” and he sounded just like a chicken.  Thinking back….I’m sure that’s something you could say to anyone….you don’t have to be from Tennessee to suddenly say “What” when someone says such a thing……Anyway….  After that I came home and called my friend Lise and said help me figure out how to get Chicken Scratch as my blog name….and she came up with Chic n’ Scratch.  (couple things helped….my house is kinda Shabby Chic/French Country and I love birds and bird cages/houses …mainly white/cream ones).  This will make you laugh …..my husband said if I brought one more bird house or cage into this house he was moving out.  He had a dream that they all fell on top of him.  

Now you know the rest of the story…..

Have a great day!